Year 2 / Book 2: Redemption

Another week and another Danish read, but this time back into crime-thriller territory.51nrmaczgbl

2) Redemption by Jussi Adler-Olsen.

I read the first and second of this bestselling series many moons ago and found it fun but a little far-fetched, and a touch try-hard. But being in Copenhagen for a week meant that I searched out the next as it is based in the (I assume) fictional ‘Department Q’ in Copenhagen police – a department that focuses on cold, unsolved cases.

I was surprised at how entertaining this was, all stemming from a message in a bottle. Parts of the plot are preposterous, but the characters (who are a bit more rounded and real than I remember) and the sheer pace and verve of it propelled me along, super-keen to find out what was going to happen, and whether they would catch the perpetrator. The central team of Carl, Rose and Assad spark off each other nicely (if a bit absurdly) and there’s some enough gloomy cynicism and weary insight to keep me happy as well. And although it’s probably marginally preferable, I’m not sure you have to read the first two before diving in. Worth suspending your disbelief for and going along for the ride (by the rail track).

Score: 7/10


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