Year 6 / Book 14: The Cabin

14) The Cabin by Jorn Lier Horst

This is the second in the ‘Cold Case’ quarter to feature the detective William Wisting, with whom Horst fans will already be well familiar (the first is The Katharina Code). This instalment starts with Wisting being called in to meet the Director of Public Prosecutions, as a leading politician has been found dead – there’s nothing suspicious about the death (we think) but there is something mighty suspicious about the massive piles of cash in his summer cabin.

While you might be thinking politician + £ = corruption (an equation as old as time itself), the story proves less simple once Wisting starts investigating with his under-the-radar team, which of course includes his daughter. Instead it links them to robberies, an unexplained disappearance, arson and much more besides. There’s the odd bit that jars (the rapid involvement of his daughter, where he keeps the money etc), but I don’t mind suspending disbelief for a bit of escapism.

As I’ve written before about the Wisting books, they stand out from the more gory and violent Scandinavian noir (Nesbo et al) by building tension incrementally through complex plots which unwind in layers and at a gradually increasing pace. The Cabin is no different and, as a result, is another strong and gripping read – at no point did I think I had it all worked out, but nor was I frustrated or bored by the unwinding.

Wisting himself is now a well-established character, and he brings his unshowy, methodical and persistent efforts to bear again here: and demonstrates his ability to solve crimes without passing moral or ethical judgements on those involved. For me, the quality of this series continues to get better and better.

Score: 8.5/10

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