Book 49: Black Out

49) Black Out by Ragnar Jonasson.

This is the third I’ve read by Jonasson (see previous reviews) and it’s fairly easy, disposable stuff. I quite enjoyed this one, as it factored a bit of social commentary about Iceland (re. construction, industry vs the natural landscape) into the who / why dunnit plot. I think the main character, Ari Thor, could develop a bit more – he seems very similar to me to the young man who we met in the first of this series; other characters have more depth and engage the reader more.

There were some nice mini-twists and surprises which lifted this slightly, and the ‘black out’ theme was used cleverly with regard to all of its different meanings. And, unfailingly, whenever you read one of Jonasson’s books, it makes you want to visit Iceland – even if people are getting killed left, right and centre. Undemanding, commuter fare.

Score: 6.5/10

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