Explanation: why this blog…

readingabook This is a new blog, started up as a result of one of those New Year’s Resolution things: I said I would read a book a week.¬†And I’ve been posting reviews of them up on Facebook ever since. But I thought it might make sense to whack them in a blog as well, to see if anyone else found them interesting (and to be able to categorise, keep track etc).

I took the resolution up originally because I felt like I did so much work-related reading, that I was reading a lot less for fun and for learning and for the hell of it. Also, more pragmatically, the physical book shelves at home and the online book shelves on the Kindle are heaving – so we needed something to give.

So here we are: hope you like. Comments, thoughts and (most of all) suggestions welcome. To play catch-up, I’m going to do 6 posts with 6 reviews on each, then back on to one-a-week…


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